Affordable Timex Watches

The lockdown of the past few months had – well, pretty much locked us down at home. Work from home was the new normal and my job had staying in one place for hours on end. My exercise schedule at the gym had gone completely haywire; a trip to the gym was obviously not going to happen for some time. I needed some kind of physical activity to keep fit, and the only one I could think of is running.

A basic fitness tracker was something I needed to keep track of my runs. A minimalistic watch for runners would do nicely, perhaps a GPS watch?  Shopping online is the only way to buy anything these days so I checked out a few online watch stores. City Watches New Zealand had a collection of several sports watches, but the Timex Ironman Run X20 GPS Indiglo Digital TW5K87600 Unisex Watch looked promising. What was most attractive was the cheerful blue colour of the watch, perfect to wear on a running circuit.

The Timex Ironman Run X20 GPS Digital is a lightweight watch thanks to the resin case and band. The white dial with a crisp, easy to read display is covered with acrylic material. It has a simple menu-based system that measures real-time speed, pace and distance as well as calories burned. The watch has 50 meters water resistance, good enough to swim in the pool.

It was pretty basic activity tracker and seemed like the perfect watch for a beginner like me. With a hefty discount the price tag was an affordable NZ$146.

The Timex brand is known to make affordable watches and clocks since 1854. The brand has stayed true to this philosophy while also giving the world some successful horological concepts. This truly American brand has become one of the most successful watch companies over more than a century.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the brand gave the world its first digital sports watch in the Timex Ironman. Launched in 1986, the Timex Ironman Collection was made for sportspersons and the timepieces typically featured alarms, timers and stopwatch. Timex Indiglo is a patented feature that gives a backlight to the dial. It was created in 1992 for the Ironman line of watches but is used in most of the Timex watches today.

Timex is a good brand if you are looking for a good quality, everyday watch that is also affordable. Simple and durable, Timex watches come in a wide range of models, from the basic $10 timepieces to the more expensive dive watches. City Watches, NZ has a collection of some nice-looking Timex pieces that are really affordable, with clean and neat designs. A Timex sports watch was my choice, pick out yours today.