Armani Exchange Watches

I was looking to replace my wrist watch with another basic one that would go with any of my casual outfits. As my job in the education field did not require that I dress formally, an elegant or a classic timepiece would do nicely. Since I wasn’t looking for a watch with too many complications, I thought I would go for a fashion watch this time. My research told me a great deal about the Armani Exchange brand of watches which I’d like to share with you.

Armani Exchange – an iconic brand, well known in the fashion circles and especially meant for the youngsters. This is a brand that appeals to the sensibilities of the young, their carefree and flamboyant lifestyle. Fashion designer Giorgio Armani launched this label in 1991 with the sole intention of making it available and appealing to the young. Along with clothing and accessories, the brand creates some of the best-looking fashion watches for the modern generation.

We’re talking about fashion watches here – which means they are in a completely different league as compared to your Swiss watches or some of the classic timepieces that are undoubtedly collector’s items. An Armani Exchange watch does not appreciate in value as the years go by, but it definitely complements your style of power dressing. An Armani Exchange watch is meant to complement your attire – it is simply an accessory that also tells you the time.

The Armani Exchange watch represents the modern street chic culture that is in tune with the times. Trendy, bold designs that are attractive to the young, jet-setting individuals who love to dress up are the typical Armani Exchange timepieces. The Armani Exchange collections reflects the allure of the urban industrialised landscape and pays tribute to the fast-paced lifestyles of the metros. The timepieces are designed to complement night-life attire.

The timepieces range from the large and bold in silver, gold and black to the delicate and elegant wristwatches. If you take a look at their collections, the Armani Exchange logo plays a distinctive role in the overall design of the watch. Being fashion watches, what they lack in features and complications they make up in the design and trendy looks.

The brand by itself does not have expertise in watch making, meaning they do not manufacture the watches, but merely oversee the designs. The watches are manufactured by Fossil, a watchmaker known for producing quality timepieces.

Armani Exchange was one of several brands of fashion watches selling at huge discounts on the City Watches website My choice was Armani Exchange Analog Quartz AX5539 Women’s Watch selling at $152.95. A unique silver-white textured dial with stainless steel case and a leather strap, the watch was simplicity and elegance rolled into one beautiful timepiece.

Armani Exchange has several beautiful timepieces that you might like, check them out at City Watches NZ, today.