Citizen Watches – Made in Japan


Citizen, the watch brand is known the world over for its cutting-edge technology, superior construction and sleek good looks. Citizen makes quality timepieces for men and women. The Citizen story began in 1918 at Tokyo, Japan as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute and was renamed as the Citizen Watch Company in 1930. From then on, the company has never looked back, creating some of the many firsts in the watch-making world.

Not only is Citizen known to be the largest manufacturer of timepieces but it is also the leader in producing technically advanced timepieces. Citizen is credited with producing the slimmest LCD timepiece, the first watch with voice recognition feature and the first dive watch with electronic depth sensor. The company is also credited with introducing the first eco-friendly watches that did not use batteries but were powered by any light source.

Citizen’s Eco Drive technology is by far the most popular. The company has initiated one of the biggest green movements around the world – more than 80% of Citizen watches use the Eco Drive technology.  Not only is the Citizen timepiece popular with the environmentally conscious folks, it is equally popular with the general consumer simply because the watches don’t need a battery replacement every now and then. The Eco Drive technology uses any source of light to power the watch. The idea is to reduce the waste generated in the environment due to battery replacement.

Citizen watches are distinctive in their clear, uncluttered dials. Even those with sub-dials on the face are easy to read as compared to other brands offering similar features. Round stainless-steel dials with bold and clear hour markers and hands ensure a clarity that some other watch brands cannot match. The straps of Citizen watches, whether metal or leather, feature a deployment clasp with push button in most of the timepieces.

The Citizen brand is known to produce high quality watches that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and technically innovative. Most watch models can easily pass off as a dress watch or enhance your style with a casual outfit. They are great for daily wear as well. Some of Citizen’s Ladies watches have crystals and other embellishments to give them a jewellery-like appearance.

 As far as pricing is concerned, Citizen offers a wide range of timepieces that are suitable to all budgets right from the lowest range to the costlier collector items. With online purchasing being the norm these days, it makes good sense to get your Citizen timepiece online – you’re assured of a great deal.

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