Fossil Watches – Defining Your Lifestyle


Tom Kartosis founded Fossil as Overseas Products International in 1984. The first Fossil watch was introduced to the world in 1985; at a time when fashion watches were just making an appearance in the market. The American company introduced elegant fashion watches with clean designs and retro looks back then. In 1989, the company introduced a unique packaging idea for Fossil watches.

Fossil watches came packed in tin boxes which were printed with graphics from the 50’s era America. The packaging became an instant hit with customers and synonymous with the Fossil brand. In fact, even today, your Fossil watch still comes in a collectible presentation box.

Watch experts and watch aficionados would classify the Fossil as a fashion watch, though not a luxury brand. Luxury watches according to watch experts conform to certain rarefied standards. The Fossil doesn’t exactly conform to those standards. But that is not to say that Fossil watches are worthless. In fact, I would go ahead and call it an affordable luxury brand for the common man, because Fossil offers some very elegant, sleek and beautifully designed timepieces that speak of quality and class.

Fossil is a reputed brand known to make some good quality watches using quality materials. Most of them feature quartz movements known for their ability to keep perfect time. Recently, Fossil has forayed into “Swiss made” watch segment where the products are manufactured in facilities located in Switzerland. Now, you have a genuine “Swiss Made” Fossil watch to enhance your dressing style.

When we talk of affordability, Fossil watches top the line of affordable timepieces. While they don’t offer much in terms of the flashy looks generally associated with modern day fashion, a Fossil wristwatch is a distinctly elegant timepiece.  Fossil can cost you anything from $125 to $1,000 depending on the model. With the Fossil brand you can expect to get a relatively elegant and classy watch without breaking the bank. Additionally, Fossil watch can last for years considering the good quality materials used in its manufacture.   If looks and style is what matters to you then the Fossil watch may be your idea of affordable luxury. For the price, Fossil watches are well worth it. From colourful leather straps to the shiny multi-coloured metal cases you’ll find a huge collection of Fossil watches at    Whether you’re looking for a gift or a timepiece for yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll find one perfect for your lifestyle and budget in the vast collection displayed there. And I think that you should also know that several beautiful timepieces are being offered at more than 50% discount, assuring you of a sweet deal.