Seiko Watches – Reliability, Durability and Style


As a kid growing up in the late 60’s the only wrist watch I knew was the Seiko that my dad wore every day to work. It was a simple, classic timepiece – there was nothing fancy about it. It performed only the single function of telling the time. Such was the excellent reputation of the Seiko brand, that when one talked about wrist watches, it went without saying that it was a Seiko watch.

Seiko the Japanese watch company is one of the most respected and oldest brands in the watch making industry and back in my childhood these were mostly what you saw – if it’s a wristwatch, it must be a Seiko. The company started out in 1881 as a small shop based in Ginza, Japan. The brand recognition and respect come from the fact that Seiko has been making top quality watches consistently over the century and promoting the Japanese craftsmanship around the world.

In 1892, Seiko opened its second watch factory in Seikosha where different types of timepieces were made. The first ever pocket watch came from this factory and served as a model for the first ever Japanese wristwatch which debuted the world in 1913.

One of the reasons for Seiko’s popularity is that the quality of the timepieces is maintained as the watch components are built in house. Especially with the high-end Seiko timepieces quality is on par with some of their Swiss counterparts.

Seiko watches are some of the most affordable, high quality timepieces that people find extremely reliable. The Seiko watch series consist of the Seiko Astron Collection, where the Seiko Astron is dubbed as the most intelligent watch – the first ever GPS Solar watch; no need of battery change and adjustable to any of the 40 different time zones.

Seiko Prospex Collection features some of the best diving watches that you could find. It includes watches for the land, sky and the sea. In a nutshell, the Prospex collection is for adventure sportsmen.

The Seiko Presage Collection features the meticulous Japanese craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking. The Seiko Premier Collection features the motion-powered technology. Chronographs and dress watches that run on solar power are available in the Seiko Solar Collection. The Seiko 5 Collection is the most popular as the watches cost below $100. The Grand Seiko is at the other end of the spectrum which includes luxury watches meant for the watch aficionados.

Precise, durable and stylish is what Seiko watches could be described as. Seiko brand makes some of the best watches comparable to Swiss brands but costing half the price. In fact, they were the Japanese Quartz watches while also making expensive luxury watches like the Grand Seiko.

A Seiko is a great watch to have and you can check out the wide range of timepieces available at