Timex T2N700 – Intelligent Technology

Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men’s Watch, it is so large that I can read the time at a glance without my reading glasses. At 43mm case diameter the hour display and the sweep of the hands is starkly clear. Adding to the readability factor are the tan coloured markers that stand out on the black dial.

The overall appearance of the Timex Intelligent Indiglo Chronograph is enhanced by the black gunmetal case contrasting with the tan coloured leather belt. The smooth lines and the finish lend a sporty look to this Timex. Pricewise, it is a decent buy, it won’t break the bank for you and if you are particularly interested in the chronograph function, this one gives you a four-hour chronograph unlike most other watches that offer a 60-minute chronograph.

I came across the Timex T2N700 at https://www.citywatches.co.nz, an exclusive online watch store for New Zealand customers while searching around for an entry level chronograph watch. I didn’t want to spend a lot on this one. With good functionality and the good looks, I found the Timex Intelligent quartz T2N700 to fit my requirements. The best part was that it didn’t cost much, it was retailing for $ 211.60 at the online store.

The Timex T2N700 looked like a well-built watch sporty watch and reasonably priced. It has a useful feature in the “Indiglo” back light where you can see the time in poor light conditions. The Indiglo technology was introduced in 1992 by Timex. It uses an electroluminescent panel to illuminate the dial so it becomes easy to read the time in dark. The fly-back chronograph is another innovative feature that people seeking chronograph functionality may find interesting.

Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men's Watch

In 2011, Timex introduced an innovative watch movement that could easily integrate new technologies to offer novel timepieces. The Timex T2N700 incorporates the same intelligent technology to deliver a quality timepiece to watch fans.

You’ll find some different colour combinations in various models of the Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men’s Watch, but my favourite one is the gunmetal black case and black dial with contrasting tan coloured markers and strap. It is a neat looking model that is rugged yet discreet and I am perfectly happy with it.

Since Timex is an American brand known for its good quality watches and the affordable price range, I’m hoping mine will work for a long time to come, proving it to be well worth the price. Presently, I wear it every day to work and love the way it fits comfortably on my wrist.

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