Casio G-Shock Military Matte Black GA-100-1A1 Men’s Watch


Well, this one is for the soldier in the field; built like a tank, the Casio G-Shock Military Matte Black GA 100-1A1 Men’s watch is a rugged timepiece with masculinity written all over it. The distinct military bearing comes partly from the hefty case size and the tactical looking design.

The Casio G-Shock Military Matte GA-100-1A1 is built to resist mechanical shock and vibration – this is one tough timepiece. If you’re into the big and bold styled wristwatches then the Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1 is a handsome one to choose. The classic military design with the black resin casing and bracelet with grey shaded dial is sure to give you the feel of being on an adventure or on a mission when you wear it.

At 51 mm case diameter, it is a big, hefty timepiece that is surprisingly lightweight for its massive size. Lightweight because of the resin case and polyurethane band and I can attest to the fact that it is an extremely comfortable fit. With men, black is generally the preferred colour and the G-Shock Military Matte Black is much more popular than the other colour variations available in the series.

Casio G-Shock Military Matte Black GA-100-1A1 Mens Watch

Casio G-Shock Military Matte GA-100-1A1 is packed with several useful features that offer additional functionality to the watch. It has both analog and digital display and being a military watch, also offers 24-hour time format. Like me, if you aren’t too keen on this format, you can switch to the 12-hour format.

The Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1 is programmed to show time in 29 different time zones which is a convenient feature for those constantly traveling or have work related needs for world time. An auto LED light with afterglow makes it convenient accessory to have when in the field. A stopwatch feature of 1/1000 second, countdown timer, 4 daily alarms, hourly time signal are all useful features you’ll find in the Casio G-Shock Military watch.

The Japanese build to last and the Casio brand of watches are no different. The superior build quality of the Casio G-Shock Military watch makes it almost indestructible. The Casio G-Shock can not only withstand the grind of daily wear, it can actually survive falls or drops from a height or any other kind of trauma. Additionally, it has magnetic resistance, meaning the time field will remain unaffected even in the presence of adverse magnetism. Also, its resin body and 200-meter water resistance capability make it the perfect dive watch as well.

The rugged manliness of the Casio G-Shock Military watch makes a cool style statement.  To know more, do visit Presently, it is available at a considerably marked down price at Citywatches NZ which, in my opinion is great value for money.