Kolber Geneve – Swiss Craftsmanship and Affordability

A few days ago, my friend Anne had a new watch on her wrist, it looked elegant and beautiful, almost like a piece of jewellery adorning her wrist. It is a little uncommon to find a rectangular shaped dial in women’s watches, so this one caught my attention. It had a gold-toned rectangular stainless-steel case and stainless steel bracelet with a clear white dial. The hour markers in Roman numerals lent the piece an old-world charm as did the slightly domed glass face. With simple gold toned hands, it was a neat design which presented an attractive look.

I took a closer look at the watch – it turned out to be from Kolber Geneve. Anne had received it as a gift from her aunt in Dubai. Since Kolber is not a very familiar name to the lay person, I was curious and decided to find out more about it. Kolber is a Swiss brand that was founded in 1983 in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is the centre of the Swiss watchmaking industry and the headquarters of Kolber watch brand. Kolber brand was started during the era of the reinvention of the Swiss watchmaking industry after the quartz crisis.

Kolber watch brand was started to blend the values of Swiss craftsmanship and affordability. Kolber timepieces are exquisitely crafted using top quality materials and conforming to the Swiss standards of watchmaking while also being reasonably priced. Kolber Geneve philosophy – “Swissmanship in its purest form”.

Over the decades since its commencement, Kolber has brought quality watches within the reach of every general consumer who aspires to own a Swiss made timepiece at an affordable price. Despite this, the brand does not compromise on the quality and build of their products but is always on the forefront of change and technical innovations. The brand makes wristwatches as well as pocket watches which are marketed across more than forty countries around the world.

Kolber watches are designed and styled by experts in the Swiss design industry and are usually equipped with Swiss Rhonda movements, 18-karat gold plated steel cases, mineral or sapphire crystal and are waterproof up to 50 meters depth. The watches undergo strict trials and tests to attain a high rate of accuracy. Each Kolber timepiece displays a touch of elegance along with robust functionality and durability.

My research on the Kolber brand led me to a few online watch stores offering their timepieces. One of them was Citywatches NZ (https://www.citywatches.co.nz ) which had the same model as Anne’s, the Kolber Geneve K1102221750 Women’s Watch at a discounted price of $201.25. In my opinion, it was a good price to pay for an elegant and durable timepiece. The site has an excellent collection of ladies and gents watches from Kolber as well as other reputed brands all selling at huge discounts.